2024-2025 Spring Senior Project Proposals

The workflow regarding the senior projects is as follows:

  1. Juniors (3rd year students) and Seniors (4th year students) who have successfully completed 150 ECTS are expected to apply for the EE Design Project flow before the Fall semester. Inspect this document thoroughly and get in contact with the advisor offering the project you are interested in. You may also prefer to form your project group first before applying to the advisor.
  2. Fill in the form on before June 5, 23:59. 
  3. Students are expected to register to Design Processes course in 2024-25 Fall semester if they have not already enrolled in and passed that course. You need to have completed 150 ECTS in order to register.
  4. Enroll on EE Design Project course in 2024-25 Spring course registration duration. Students who fail Design Process course may register to Design Process and EE Design Project courses in 2024-25 Spring simultaneously.
  5. Complete the requirements given by the project advisor. Prepare project report/thesis according to the guidelines.